Kategorie: Summer Box

These are selections of 6 labels we chose so that you don't have to stress about finding a good wine.

This year, at the Blue Heron Wine shop we've chosen 6 wines from our selection of South African, French and Italian. These are all of our favourites and wines we've opened in events that people have loved. 

You'll find:

  • sparkling from Italy with really nice savoury notes, 
  • aromatic rosé from Greece perfect for aperitif on a sunny terrace, 
  • rosé from France with a bit more structure that someone aptly said "tastes like summer", 
  • Chenin blanc from South Africa with aromas of ripe yellow fruit 
  • deliciously intense South African Sauvignon Blanc that smells of elderflower and gooseberries (I served it at the  girls' only tasting and sold out on the spot! 
  • fruity, elegant Pinotage from a winery I really love (Mooiplaas) which will pair perfectly with something meaty.